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Royal Oak Animal Shelter


Your Donation

Changing the lives of animals while they wait for a family and their forever home, and your generosity is crucial

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Every monetary donation that comes to us goes toward everything it takes to provide a healthy and safe environment for our furry friends, especially at times when they are scared and vulnerable.

We work hard to gain the trust of our animals and try to mimic how an owner would care for them, including providing high-quality, nutritious food, comfortable bedding that is not torn or tattered, toys, leashes, collars, and more.

Additionally, donations help with maintaining our building and space – keeping it at a comfortable temperature year-round, along with other routine maintenance.

Currently, we are in need of improved floor drains, new fencing, concreted or paved driveways, heated floors/pads, an updated yard with turf and ground drainage, help with a veterinary clinic and surgical suite, and a transport van.

We also gratefully accept items and gift cards from our wish list below.

If you are not in a position to adopt an animal, you may wish to sponsor a kennel – which means you’ll be integral in providing animals with meals, treats, bedding, and more while they wait for their fur-ever home. Your name will be displayed on the kennel you’ve sponsored, and we will send you a certification of appreciation.

Your help means so much to animals in need

About Royal Oak Animal Shelter

Providing a safe haven for animals who are lost or given up with the goal of reuniting lost animals with their owners and matching adoptable animals with their fur-ever families

The Royal Oak Animal Shelter offers a safe, comfortable, caring space for animals in their greatest time of need.

Many times, animals come to us after being found abandoned or roaming the streets. Our staff cares for these animals like their own, providing them with nourishing food and a comfortable place to sleep. Staff members are on site daily to ensure each animal is well cared for.

We treat each animal that comes to us as our own, with the utmost care, attention and compassion. After all, if your animal were lost and turned into a shelter, isn’t that what you would want?

We work hand-in-hand with animal control to ensure lost animals are given a chance at a loving life. And until then, we are their loving family, providing support and comfort.

Today, it is someone else’s animal. Tomorrow it could be yours

Not every animal that comes to us is uncared for by its owners. The truth is, if you have an animal, there could be an instance that it could get lost at some point. And we know that each animal in our care deserves the same care that a loving owner would give. That is why we care for all of them until they are claimed or re-homed.

Every animal deserves love and safety. That is what we provide

Royal Oak Animal Shelter Wish List

Quality, Nutritious Wet and Dry Cat/Kitten, and Dog Food – Feeding well from the start helps to reduce medical costs and relieve stress-related gastrointestinal, temperament, and behavioral issues:

  • Diamond (Kirkland)
  • Wellness
  • Blue
  • Merrick
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Pinnacle
  • Holistic Select
  • Zignature
  • Redford Naturals
  • Earthborn

Monetary Gifts – Financial donations to offset medical and other miscellaneous expenses may be made through Royal Oak Civic Foundation.

Donate to Royal Oak Animal Shelter by completing the form below:

Donate by Mail to Royal Oak Animal Shelter

If you wish to donate by mail/check, please make checks payable to: ‘Royal Oak Civic Foundation.’
Click Here for the mail-in donation form to include with any mail-in checks:
Please send the donation form (above) along with your check to the following address:

Royal Oak Civic Foundation
Attn: Jill Martin, Executive Director
203 S. Troy St. Royal Oak, MI 48067