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About Royal Oak Commission for the Arts

The arts are vital to our community

Man playing piano in park

One of the primary purposes of the Commission for the Arts is to help support and develop art in the community by developing policies, programs, and projects to help raise awareness about the arts and embed them into the community. 

The Commission for the Arts encourages and promotes arts and culture in our city and for all who live and visit Royal Oak. Our city and its leaders recognize the importance of the arts and their direct impact on the vitality, health, vibrancy, and sustainability of the area.

Our programs offer a platform for artists to showcase their talents while inspiring others to do the same and fostering a dynamic community.

By promoting and encouraging public and private art displays, we allow individual and group creativity and passion to flow through our streets and decorate our neighborhoods. The Commission for the Arts programs includes Art Explored, Artist Laureate, Public Piano Project, Sharing the Warmth, #ROMakesArt, Business Murals, and Permanent Collection.

We believe everyone can be an artist; you need only tap into your inner being and passion…and allow it to flow effortlessly!

Engaging, educating, teaching, and learning through fostering the arts

Your Donation to Royal Oak Commission for the Arts Makes a Difference

Arts for all through the support of the community

The Commission for the Arts leads with the belief that art is essential for both societal and personal growth. From visual to performing arts, self-expression is beneficial for people of all ages.

The arts have a unique ability to bring people together. And your donations to our programs allow the opportunity, togetherness, and connection to not only continue but to grow and strengthen the fabric of our community while also enhancing mental and emotional well-being.

There is also an economic and educational impact, as the power of art to educate and inspire promotes critical thinking and emotional intelligence for well-rounding community members who contribute to our society in a positive way. Further, artistic events in our community support local businesses, including shops, hotels, and restaurants, by drawing people in from all over while also increasing property value in our city.

Beautification projects and public art displays have the power to transform ordinary spaces into captivating destinations by enhancing aesthetic appeal and encouraging exploration and cultural diversity.

Enhancing and encouraging art in the city of Royal Oak

When you get involved in local arts, either through a monetary donation or physical presence and volunteering, you are supporting the community as a whole and helping to leave a lasting legacy on Royal Oak that goes far beyond any one project. You are helping to add to the heritage and culture of our community for years to come.

Much of what we do would not be possible without the generous donations and fundraising efforts that help support our efforts.

You can leave a legacy that speaks volumes through the arts

Donate to Royal Oak’s Commission for the Arts by completing the form below:

Donate by Mail to Royal Oak Commission for the Arts

If you wish to donate by mail/check, please make checks payable to: ‘Royal Oak Civic Foundation.’
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Please send the donation form (above) along with your check to the following address:

Royal Oak Civic Foundation
Attn: Jill Martin, Executive Director
203 S. Troy St. Royal Oak, MI 48067