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Your Donation to Our Police and Fire Departments

The Royal Oak Police Department and Fire Department can accept donations for the welfare of the police officers and firefighters at the discretion of their respective chiefs.

Royal Oak Police Department

Public Safety

The Royal Oak Police Department will strive to maintain the highest level of moral values and standards of conduct while demonstrating fairness and equality to those we serve. Integrity is the cornerstone of our profession. It is a sacred quality that is essential to maintain public trust and mutual respect. The Royal Oak Police Department will be steadfast in adherence to a code of moral excellence and incorruptibility. We will maintain a standard of conduct that reinforces the ideals of honesty and accountability and pledge to hold ourselves to the highest legal, moral, and ethical standards.

Service Before Self

The Royal Oak Police Department will demonstrate the desire to contribute to the welfare of others by responding appropriately to the needs and demands of the community. We will put service before self and strive for excellence in all we do. We are committed to faithfully and selflessly performing our duties with the goal of enhancing public safety and reducing the fear of crime. We are dedicated to working with the public to ensure the highest level of service and feeling of security for those we serve.

Compassion for Others

The Royal Oak Police Department will be ever mindful and conscientious of the emotional and physical well-being of all those we strive to protect. We will be understanding and, by deed, assuage suffering and provide consolation to all those affected by or involved in the criminal justice process. We will be pillars of fairness and, by example, provide solace and an atmosphere where all citizens are equal and protected. 

Royal Oak Fire Department

The mission of the Royal Oak Fire Department is to protect the lives and property within the City of Royal Oak by reducing the effects of fire, medical emergencies, hazardous materials incidents, technical rescue emergencies, and disasters.

Our department will provide a proactive, highly trained professional emergency service for the City to conduct Fire Prevention, Fire Inspection, Fire Investigation, Fire Suppression, Advanced Emergency Medical Treatment and Transport, Mitigation of Hazardous Materials Accidents, Technical Rescue Response, Public CPR and Fire Safety Education.

Our mission for the city of Royal Oak includes:

  1. Prevention of fire through proactive public education, inspections, investigation, and fire code enforcement.
  2. Rapid response for the suppression of fire with highly trained, well-equipped professional firefighters.
  3. Provide Advanced Life Support treatment and transport of the sick and injured to area hospitals.
  4. Mitigate the effects of Hazardous Materials accidents on human life and the environment.
  5. Provide a highly trained Technical Rescue Team for incidents of Confined Space, Trench Rescue, and Building Collapse emergencies.
  6. Provide emergency services to reduce injuries or death in incidents of disaster (natural or man-made).
  7. Treating the public with professionalism, respect, kindness, and courtesy.

Donate to Royal Oak Public Safety by completing the form below:

Donate by Mail to Royal Oak Public Safety

If you wish to donate by mail/check, please make checks payable to: ‘Royal Oak Civic Foundation.’
Click Here for the mail-in donation form to include with any mail-in checks:
Please send the donation form (above) along with your check to the following address:

Royal Oak Civic Foundation
Attn: Jill Martin, Executive Director
203 S. Troy St. Royal Oak, MI 48067